How to Easily Change your Engine Oil at Home
One of the most critical maintenance chores for your car is changing the regularly. In this article, you will learn how to change your oil quickly and without getting too dirty. This practical exercise will save you a lot of money and will extend the life of your car... Read more
What should I do when my Engine Overheats?
When your engine overheats, it is always important to shut it off immediately or risk your car’s engine having a fatal end. To avoid frying your engine, you need to pull over and shut down the engine as fast as possible. It’s also advisable that you open your hood... Read more
Road trip Checklist

Road trip Checklist

Car Tips September 1, 2016 0

Road trips are usually fun and exciting, and everyone’s normally itching to go. However, it’s very important that you check your car’s health first. It would be advisable to run through a five-minute checklist a week in advance before you set out for your anticipated trip. So what do... Read more
Symptoms of a failing oil pressure sensor
When your car lacks the proper amount of oil, your engines can experience a lot of damage as a result. There are various systems that have been designed to regulate your car’s engine oil level and the pressure. You might have a bit of a task trying to keep... Read more
How to check your Car’s tire pressure
Checking your tire pressure is an important aspect of maintaining your car. Having poor tire pressure can significantly affect the efficiency of your car. Therefore it is important to regularly perform checks on your tire pressure to ensure they are at the specified level. How do I check my... Read more
Why I should ensure my Battery is Regularly Maintained
To have a properly functioning car, your vehicle needs to have a proper working battery. You will need to ensure that you have clean connections and a fully charged battery at all times. In case your car lacks a good sufficient battery, power cannot be effectively supplied to the... Read more
What can be the cause of my Squeaking brakes?
Squeaking brakes can be bothersome and embarrassing. However, there are several things that can cause your breaks to squeal. Some of the causes may not be important and might not even cause any safety problems, while some are indicative of major problems to arise that need immediate attention. In... Read more
Do I need to wax my Car?
Well, the short answer to this question is probably. For a long time now, waxing has been known to make cars extra shiny. Today, the same theory still applies with modern paint jobs. Wax formulations have also improved over the years. In the past, the paint used to be... Read more
How does Servicing my Car help maintain it?
Well, looking after your car properly will ultimately save you from being hit by hefty repair bills in the future. One thing that you need to know about your car is that your user manual is your best friend, and you also need to know how to locate a... Read more