Discount Tires is the largest Independent tire and wheel retailer in America. This tire centre serves 40 million clients and was built under the...

Discount Tires is the largest Independent tire and wheel retailer in America. This tire centre serves 40 million clients and was built under the slogan “Be fair, be truthful, work hard, be there on time, and help people.” The first Discount store was opened back in 1960 and over the years has grown to be one of the most sort-for tire centres in the US owing to its great prices, services and as its name suggests, huge discounts. If you are looking to find out more about Discount tires you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Discount tire prices, types, services and order information.

Discount Tires Types and Brands

Discount Tires being one of the largest retailers of tires in America offer some of the best prices for their tires and services. Discount Tires have become prevalent with their customers due to their high-quality tires, prices, and discounts that they offer customers. Discount Tires offers potential customers with a wide variety of tire brands that idiscout-tirenclude; Michelin, Hankook, Goodyear, Nitto, Continental, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Uniroyal,Nexen, Continental, General Tire among other popular brand of tires. They also have a variety of types of tires such as; All-Weather, winter, summer, SUV, RV, High performance, Lawnmower tires among others. In case you are looking to get All-Weather Tires then you probably understand as the name suggest these tires are good for all seasons and weather conditions, however, you might want to get summer tires for hot weather, this is because they are specifically built to handle this kind of weather. They also offer good grip and performance during the summer season. But if you are willing to spend a little but more for quality All-Weather tires like Goodyear or Michelin, then they will perform as good as any other summer tires on the market. If you own a sports car, and you are into high-speed driving or racing, then you will need to purchase a set of high-quality high-performance tires that can also be purchased from Discount Tire Center.

Discount Tire Brands

Discount Hankook Tires–  Hankook is one of the most purchased tires at the Discount tire center.  As one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world the tires are known for their high level of performance.  Perfect for vehicles that are driven regularly, the tires help maintains a smooth ride for the life of the tires.

Discount Michelin Tires–  Since 1889 Michelin has consistently provided some of the most well respected tire brands in the world.  The company has been an innovator in the industry always introducing new models that keep drivers and their passenger safe.  The tires are specially good for light trucks and SUVs that are driven regularly in all environments.

Discount Goodyear Tires–  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (commonly called Goodyear) was founded in 1898 and is one of the largest tire manufacturer in the world.  Throughout the company’s long history, they have provided tires for the first model vehicles and even for NASA.  Their most popular tires are all-season tires that offer safe handling and a durable tire life.  No matter what weather you drive in the Goodyear tires you choose will keep you safe.

Discount Nitto Tires -Nitto is a tire that is the choice of racing enthusiasts.  The unique tread design provides an impressive level of control and handling.  Though they are engineered to match the performance of drag racing tires, they can also be used on light trucks and off road vehicles.

Discount Tires Center Prices and Installation

Discount Tire Center prices vary depending on the type and brand of tire that you are looking to purchase. Discount tire centre offers reasonable prices, huge bargains and great discounts for its tires and services as compared to its rivals. In case you want to check out the different prices of their tire collection click HERE.  Once you get to their website you will need to fill your zip code, the year, make model and style of your car to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your vehicle. Discount tires offer its customers with a Discount Tire carcareOne Credit card membership where customers are able to enjoy massive discounts on purchases they make at their centers. Special promotions typically allow Discout Tires customers to save $60 on every set of Goodyear or Pirelli tires that they purchase from on of their stores.

How to Buy Discount Tires

Purchasing Discount tires are quite simple, all you need to do is check out their website and order for your tires online or have them shipped to your nearest Discount Tire Center for installation. You might also want to call in ahead to find out if the tires that you desire are currently in stock or they may need to order them.  Discount tires offer its customers with a CarcareOne Tire membership card. You will need your deposit, and the membership card in case you have one, to purchase Discount tires. To find a Discout Tire store near you click HERE.