Kmart Car Batteries Kmart Auto service is a Sears owned service center that has more than 940 conveniently located stores that offer affordable prices on car parts and...

Kmart Car Batteries

Kmart Auto service is a Sears owned service center that has more than 940 conveniently located stores that offer affordable prices on car parts and accessories. Kmart Auto Center sells wide variety of car batteries. When it comes to car batteries Kmart auto service has built a name for itself by offering car batteries that come with 5 year warranty . If you are looking to find out more about Kmart car batteries, then you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Kmart car battery prices, services and what they offer.

Kmart Car battery Types and Brands

At Kmart you will be able to get a variety of types of batteries for SUVs, RVs, Golf Karts and Trucks. Kmart Auto batteries offer varied warranties on their varied brands of batteries that can be replaced at Kmart car battery centers. Kmart currently carries 3 battery brands :

Kmart DieHard Battery– The Standard DieHard battery is one of the most purchased items sold in the Kmart battery center.  With 700 cold cranking amps, this battery has a 120-minute reserve and is suitable for use in large cars and trucks.  The battery comes with a free 18-month warranty that includes free replacement during that period.

Kmart DieHard Gold Battery–  The DieHard Gold is a battery that is designed for vehicles driven in colder climates.  Vehicles using this battery are able to start and drive in all types of weather.  Designed with flame-retardant safety vents, it is a maintenance free battery that is extremely durable.  The battery has a three-year warranty period and an 85-minute reserve capacity.

Kmart Plus Start Battery- Plus Start car batteries are a cost effective battery solution for all vehicle owners.  Boasting 100 minutes of reserve capacity, the Plus Start battery is suitable for all types of climate levels.  Guaranteeing a maintenance free battery life, all models come with a free 12-month warranty term.
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Kmart Car Battery Prices and Installation

Kmart battery prices are very reasonable and typically between $96.00 and $129.00.  The prices vary dependent upon the location of the store and type of battery being purchased.  Kmart battery instillation is included with the purchase of most battery models.  Each battery has a warranty that covers a free replacement and Kmart battery instillation during that warranty period.  Kmart also charges a service fee for battery maintenance and terminal replacement. To find out Kmart Car battery price for your vehicle click HERE

How to Purchase Kmart Car Batteries

Purchasing a Kmart auto battery is pretty simple. Customers have the option of making their Kmart battery purchase online or in store. If you opt to visit your Kmart store for your next car battery purchase , you will need to give your Kmart representative some information about your vehicle such as Year , Make, Model, and engine size. Kmart team member will look up the batteries currently in stock for your vehicle and give you a few choices to choose from. After you select your battery , Kmart representative will instal the battery for you which typically takes about 15 minutes. Another way to purchase Kmart battery is online; To purchase Kmart batteries online and to view Kmart auto battery prices click HERE