BJ’s Tires is part of BJ’s Wholesale Club, a company that was started as a discount department store chain in 1984. BJ’s offers a...

BJ’s Tires is part of BJ’s Wholesale Club, a company that was started as a discount department store chain in 1984. BJ’s offers a variety of products for the community such as Electronics, Home Furniture, Outdoor, Sporting goods, and toys jewelry. BJ’s wholesale clubs serves East United States. BJ’s currently runs more than 200 stores and 150 gas stations. BJ’s Wholesale club also offers tire services. If you are looking to learn more about BJ’S Tires Center, you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about BJ’s Tire Center prices, tire brands, types, services and order information.

BJ’s Tire Types and Brands

If you own a car, then you probably know how important it is to have good tires. This is because good tires will offer better performance, fuel economy and better stopping power that could save your life. BJ’s tire center stocks winter tires, summer tires, All-Weather tires, SUV, RV, Go Kart ,and Lawnmower tires. A good set of summer tires are essential for hot weather since they offer better grip during hot climatic conditions, these tires, however, are not advisable during winter or cold/rainy seasons. All-Weather tires as the name suggests are good for all seasons, they will, however, not perform as well as summer tires during hot weather unless you go in for high-quality All-Weather tires like Michelin.

BJ’s Tire Brands

BJ’s Michelin Tires–  Michelin is a name that is associated with quality in the automotive industry.  Selling high quality all weather tires, Michelin provides you and your passengers with safety and security.  With superior traction these tires are ideal for driving in wet or otherwise dangerous conditions.

BJ’s BFGoodrich Tires–  Perhaps one of the most well-known brands in the industry, BFGoodrich tires are one of the most popular products sold in the BJ’s tire center.  These tires are known for increasing fuel efficiency of a vehicle and have a long tread life.  The tires themselves provide a smooth and comfortable drive.

BJ’s Uniroyal Tires–  Uniroyal are one of the longest wearing passenger vehicle tires ever created.  Recognized for their overall stability and exceptional handling, they are perfect for vehicles that see a lot of mileage.  Safe for all seasons these tires are extremely durable.

BJ’s Bridgestone Tires–  Bridgestone is a brand of tire that has provided generations of vehicle owners with security and a high level of performance.  Sold with a warranty of up to 75,000 miles, Bridgestone tires are responsive and have excellent traction when driven in dangerous conditions.  This brand is perfect for all vehicle types from high performance cars to light trucks.


BJ’s Tires Center Prices and Installation

BJ’s Tires Center Prices vary depending on brand , type, and size of tires. BJ’s Tire Center is limited to those that carry a BJ’s warehouse membership and if you do not have a membership you will not be able to buy products from BJ, this includes tires.. To become a BJ’s member, you will need to sign up for BJ’s membership which costs $50 per year. For a list of Bj’s tire prices please click HERE, enter your zip code and select your local BJ’s Center. You will also need to input additional information about your car such as make, model,  year and style to ensure you get the exact tire quote for your car.

How to Purchase BJ’s Tires

Buying a set of tires from BJ’s Tires is quite simple, buyers have the option of getting their tires online or visiting one of BJ’s local stores. If you want to buy BJ’s tires at the store we suggest you give them a call to ensure that the particular set of tires you require are in stock. If the tires need to be ordered you will need to pay a deposit fee and pay the full price during installation. To learn more about BJ’s tires and to find a store near you click HERE.