Canadian Tires Corporation is a popular Canadian-owned retail company that is famous for selling a wide range of automotive equipment. This retail company is...

Canadian Tires Corporation is a popular Canadian-owned retail company that is famous for selling a wide range of automotive equipment. This retail company is a favorite among its customers due to the variety of bargains and discounts that they offer. They offer a loyalty program that was introduced in 1958 where clients are given coupons that resemble paper money. These coupons give customers 0.5% off the purchases and can be used on subsequent purchases. If you are looking for information on Canadian tires, you have come to the right place. Below you will find useful information about Canadian tire prices, services, tire brands, types and ordering information.

Canadian Tires Types and Brands

So what types of brands and tires can be found at Canadian tires locations? You can get tires for your car, go-karts, SUV, RV and your lawnmower. Canadian Tires also stock a variety of winter tires, summer tires, All-Weather tires and High-performance tires. All-Weather tires as the name implies are tires that can be used for all seasons, while summer tires are a perfect fit for driving in hot anddry conditions. Performance tires are typically designed for sports cars.

Canadian Tire Brands

Canadian Continental Tires– One of the most reliable brand names in the automotive industry, Canadian Continental tires are safe and reliable.  Perfect for driving in serious winter weather, the superior traction helps drivers avoid hazard situations.  The unique grooves aid with the swift removal of water.

Canadian Michelin Tires–  A popular item in the Canadian tire center Michelin brand tires provide extra mobility when driving in deep snow.  The tread helps during braking and accelerations along with aiding maneuverability.  These tires provide thousands of miles worth of safe driving experience.

Canadian Motomaster Tires– Extremely affordable the Motomaster brand is perfectly suited for SUV, CUV, and light trucks.  The designed guarantees maximum traction for the life of the tires and help the driver enjoy a smooth ride.  These tires wear evenly helping vehicle owners avoid situations where one tire must be replaced before the others.

Canadian Pirelli Tires–  Pirelli tires are a good choice for anyone who regularly drives at high speeds on the highway.  The tread pattern increases grip and helps the vehicle gain traction in difficult driving conditions.  Pirelli’s tire construction also helps improve braking performance to help keep drivers and their passengers safe.

Canadian Tires

Canadian Tires Prices and Installation

Canadian Tire prices will vary depending on the type and brand of tire that you are looking to purchase for your vehicle. In case you are looking for a high-grade All-Weather set of tires then they are definitely going to cost more than the average All-Weather tires. If you are worried about Canadian tire prices , don’t be, Canadian tires have been known to offer some of the best deals on tires in Canada. To find Canadian tire prices for your car please click HERE, enter your zip code and select your nearest local Canadian Tires outlet. You will also need to ensure that you input the correct details about your car model, make and style to ensure that the quote you get is correct

How to Buy Canadian Tires

Purchasing a set of Canadian tires is easy. Customers have the option of ordering tires online and having them shipped to the nearest Canadian Tire service center for installation. Alternatively you can always call your local Canadian Tire location to see if they have the size and brand tires you need for your vehicle. If they don’t have the tires in stock they should be able to order them for you. To find a Canadian Tire location near you please click HERE.