Pep boys tires is a part of The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe, and Jack Auto Center, commonly abbreviated as Pep Boys is a popular...

Pep boys tires is a part of The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe, and Jack Auto Center, commonly abbreviated as Pep Boys is a popular full-service vehicle aftermarket chain. This company was originally known as Pep auto supplies and was first opened in 1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This automotive aftermarket chain is popular for its tire centre and operates over 800 stores and nearly 7500 service bays in America and Puerto Rico. If you are looking to find out more about Pep Boys Tire Center, you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Pep Boys Tire centre prices, brands, types and order information.

Pep Boys Tires Types and Brands

Pep Boys is one of the most popular and biggest chains of automotive aftermarket chain in the US. This business thrives on offering their customers, with not only tire brands and types but also automotive services and repairs. In case you are a car owner, you definitely understand the importance of acquiring a good set of tires for your vehicle. Pep Boys Tire Center stocks the following brands of tires in its centres; BFGoodrich, Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Carlisle, Cooper tires, Falken Tire, and Hankook. They also store a variety of types of tires such as; All-weather tires, Summer tires, Winter tires, High performance tires, SUV tires and Lawnmower tires. If you are going to get a set of summer tires, as the name suggests, these tires offer great performance and grip during hot climatic conditions. However, they wouldn’t be essential for cold or winter seasons. All-Weather tires, on the other hand, offer good grip and performance all seasons round, but still, summer tires would be better off for hot conditions unless you are willing to part with a little more for high quality All-Weather tires like Michelin or Pirelli that are as good as summer tires during hot weather. Pep Boys Tire center stock tires for RV, SUVs, Go Karts, and even Golf Karts. In case you own a sports car or you are into racing and high performance vehicles, Pep Boys also stock high performance tires like Hankook and Flaken.

Pep Boys Tires Center Prices and Installation

Pep Boys Tire Center prices vary depending on the brand and type of tire a potential customer is looking to purchase. Pep Boys tire center is well known for their great deals and huge bargains on their tires and services making them a favorite among car owners. In case you are looking to find the prices and installation of tires at Pep Boys Tire Center, Click HERE, enter your zip code and select your local Pep Boys Tire Center. You also need to input your car make, model, year and style to ensure you get the perfect quote for your vehicle. Pep Boys offers DIY savings of 35% and any online orders with the promo code 35PEP plus free shipping on orders over $50, for more details Click HERE.

How to Buy Pep Boys Tires

Purchasing a set of Pep Boys tires is quite an easy task. You have the option of ordering them online and having them shipped over to your home. You could also call their offices and book for an appointment or check into your nearest Pep Boys Tire Center. It’s important that you make sure you call in before you make an order to just to be sure the particular tires you are looking for are in stock. Pep Boys Center also offers free shipping on any online order over $35.  To start the purchase order, you will need to pay your deposit fee. If you still need to learn more about Pep Boys Tire Center tire prices, types, brands and services they offer, Click HERE.