Sears Car Battery Many people are surprised that Sears sells auto parts and performs auto services. Sears is an American chain of departmental stores...

Sears Car Battery

Many people are surprised that Sears sells auto parts and performs auto services. Sears is an American chain of departmental stores that is popular for its electrical accessories, household items, clothing, and more. Apart from just offering normal retail store products and services, customers can shop for their groceries and car accessories like batteries all under one roof in sears. One of the more popular products Sears Auto Center center sells is car batteries. If you are looking to find out more about Sears car batteries, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find useful information about Sears car battery prices, services and more!

Sears car Battery Brands and Types

Getting the correct type and brand of battery for your car is very important. Car batteries are extremely important for your vehicle, a bad car battery will leave you stranded and looking for someone to jump start your car. Ensuring that you have a quality well-maintained battery will positively affect the performance of your vehicle. Sears auto battery offers a wide range of battery types which are designed for all cars, SUVs, RVs, and Golf karts. At Sears, customers are able to chose from the following battery brands :

Sears DieHard Battery–  One of the most popular brands sold in the Sears battery center, DieHard is a brand best known for high level extreme weather performance.  The average battery is prone to damage when exposed to severe cold or high heat.  DieHard batteries are able to perform reliably throughout the hottest summer months.  The battery is perfect for use in light trucks and standard vehicles.

Sears Plus Start Battery–  Plus Start is a brand that is ideal for powering vehicles that are driven in extreme cold.  With 550 cold cranking amps your vehicle will always start up reliably even on the coldest winter days.  The 90-minute reserve capacity allows you to operate electronics within your vehicle without turning on your engine.

Sears Odyssey Battery-  The Odyssey battery is a premium battery that is perfect for use in luxury vehicles.  With a reserve time of an impressive 135 minutes, the battery is ideal for use in vehicles that use a large number of electrical devises.  The deep cycle power and enormous cranking power guarantees a long battery life that provides flawless performance.

Sears Car Battery

Sears car Batteries Prices and Installation

Sears car battery prices vary depending on the type and brand of battery that you are looking to buy. Generally, Sears car battery prices range from $50 to $250 depending on the specific brand and type of battery needed for your vehicle. Customers are also able to get amazing offers and deals on purchases they make online and in store. Any purchases at Sears store or Sears online store will come with Sears shopping points that can be exchanged for sears products. Installation of Sears purchased batteries is absolutely free. Services such as battery maintenance and terminal replacement might cost extra. To view all Sears car battery prices for your vehicle click HERE

How to Purchase Sears Car Batteries

Purchasing Sears auto battery is pretty simple. Customers have the option of making their Sears battery purchase online or in store. If you opt to visit Sears store for your next car battery purchase , you will need to give Sears representative some information about your vehicle such as Year , Make, Model, and engine size. Sears team member will look up the batteries currently in stock for your vehicle and give you a few choices to choose from. After you select your battery , Sears representative will instal it for you and recycle your old battery. You can also buy Sears car battery online; To purchase Sears batteries online and to view Sears car battery prices click HERE