Walmart Car Battery Although Walmart is mostly known for selling grocery and household products , its auto division should not be overlooked. Walmart Auto center...

Walmart Car Battery

Although Walmart is mostly known for selling grocery and household products , its auto division should not be overlooked. Walmart Auto center offers car owners with a complete set of products , car accessories , and vehicle maintenance services at very reasonable prices. Apart from offering auto insurance, car accessories, tires, and buyer’s guides, it also offers a wide range of car batteries . If you are looking to find out more about Walmart car batteries, then you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Walmart car battery prices, types, and brands.

Walmart Car Battery Types and Brands

You probably aren’t sure about what types and brands of batteries Walmart battery stock, well, at Walmart, car owners can purchase all types of vehicle batteries that are designed for cars, trucks, RVs, and Golf Karts. At Walmart, customers are able to chose from the following battery brands :

EverStart Battery–  Currently the most purchased Walmart battery center brand, EverStart is an affordable car battery solution for those who need a reliable battery for their vehicles.  The battery comes with a free three-year warranty that includes free replacement if the battery stops working during that time period.  The battery can be installed for free at your nearest Walmart location.

EverStart Maxx Battery– The EverStart Maxx battery improves upon everything that makes the EverStart brand so popular.  It has a longer battery life, does not require any maintenance, and has a cycling capability that is approximately 30 percent more than the original model.  This battery is able to support accessories and other electronics after the vehicle’s engine has shutt off.

EverStart Plus Battery– With a solid five-star rating, the EverStart Plus battery is extremely popular among Walmart shoppers who are making their purchase with Walmart battery prices primarily in mind.  This battery is one of the cheapest sold in the Walmart car battery department, but it is also one of the most reliable.  It currently comes with a free two-year warranty that includes Walmart battery instillation and free disposable of old batteries.

ValuePower Battery– Known as a no-frills brand, ValuePower batteries are designed to keep vehicles running during all seasons.  Offering 650 cold cranking amps, this battery exceeds industry standards when it comes to basic starting power and overall quality.  The battery comes with a free one-year warranty that includes battery testing at any Walmart location.

Walmart Batteries

Walmart car Battery Prices and Installation.

Walmart car battery prices will vary depending on the type and brand of battery that is needed for your vehicle. Walmart car batteries range from $69.99 to $250 and the installation is free for batteries purchased at Walmart. In case you are looking to get a Non-Walmart purchased battery installed in your vehicle, it is going to cost you $10, Walmart battery Non-Corrosion treatment will cost you $3.50 while terminal replacement at Walmart battery center is $5. To view all Walmart car battery prices for your vehicle click HERE.

How to Purchase Walmart Batteries

Purchasing Walmart car battery is pretty simple. Customers have the option of making their Walmart battery purchase online or in store. If you opt to visit Walmart store for your next car battery purchase , you will need to give Walmart auto representative some information about your vehicle such as Year , Make, Model, and engine size. Walmart team member will look up the batteries currently in stock for your vehicle and give you a few choices to choose from. After you select your battery ,Walmart representative will instal it for you and recycle your old battery. You can also buy Walmart car battery online; To purchase Walmart car battery online and to view Walmart auto battery prices click HERE.